The Spin Slasher

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Lost in the cemetery of the game

The Spin Slasher is about a killer who has to fight unlimited ghosts. His only weapon is a saw that moves around him. Let's use this only saw to kill ghosts.

The main character in this game is very familiar with the horror movie. He is a murderer with an iron mask that covers his face. His weapon is a sharp saw and now he must use it to battle the monsters. The ghosts will attack him continuously and infinitely until he dies. This is an endless game, so you just try to get as many scores as possible.

Kill the ghosts in The Spin Slasher

These monsters will be defeated with one touch of the saw. Therefore, you need to utilize this point to keep your character safe as long as you can.

Move safely

To beat the enemies, you must keep the character safe first. While you face the attacks of many different monsters, you need to be very calm. Moving is the key to success in this game. Don't let the enemies approach your character. You must run non stop. If you stand in a position for a long time, the monster will kill you easily.

Upgrade your character

Destroying the ghosts can provide experience points for you. When you get enough of these points, your character will level up. Then, some features of the murderer and his character also can be upgraded. You can improve the character speed, saw size or saw speed. These upgrades will help you kill more powerful monsters.

Game control: use WASD or arrow keys to move the character. After mastering The Spin Slasher, you can give Squid Run a try.