Squid Run

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Encounter player of the Squid Game

Squid Run marks the return of a popular series of Squid Games. You will transform into a player and face many dangers on the way to escape from a terrible prison.

With the familiar green shirt, I guess you already know the main character in this game. A player is trying to run away from a terrible survival game. He needs your help because there are too many traps set up along the way. What can you do in this game? We are waiting for your performance.

Score high to reach the ranks in Squid Run

This is an endless game. To avoid creating a sense of boredom, ranks were born. They are used to measure your control skills and agility. The higher the score, the higher your rank. Besides this run, you also can enjoy another race called Parkour Race. You will make some cool somersaults in that game.

The list ranks in the game

  • If you get 100 points, you will receive a rank child.
  • You become a noob with 300 scores.
  • 1000 points will turn you into a real player.
  • Getting 5000 scores is the only way to reach the expert rank.
  • The pro rank with 10000 scores is waiting for you.
  • The highest rank is the god with 100 000 000 points.

Follow the game rules

To gain high ranks, you must know some rules here. On the way, there are some deadly obstacles such as spikes, saws, or poison. By anyway, you must avoid all of them. Your character will run automatically, so you just need to click the left mouse button to jump over dangers. Sometimes, you just need to run normally. Look at the situation to give the correct jump in Squid Run!