The Smurfs Cooking

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Welcome to the village of smurfs

The Smurfs Cooking is a cooking game with extremely familiar characters. You will help the Smurf chef to create amazing dishes to serve customers.

Smurfy recipe

The annual " Smurf Food" festival is coming up and the chef hasn't thought of a Smurfy recipe yet. Thanks to the recommendation of the girl, the chef decided to make some cupcakes which are simple and delicious. You will help the chef to complete the cooking mission at the festival. Believe me, your task will not be too complicated.

Open a small store

The chef character will open a small shop to sell delicious cupcakes. In addition, there will be fragrant tea cups served to customers. You need to sell food and drinks to earn enough money. You need to hurry because customers will not want to wait too long. You also can work another restaurant in Papa's Freezeria where you make the delicious ice cream.

How to pass the level in The Smurfs Cooking

The game has many levels with advanced difficulty. You will lose more and more customers at higher levels. Please try to bring food and drinks to all customers who come to the store.

How to make food

You just need to click and bag the dough, the cakes will automatically be baked in the oven. You need to pay attention to the time to lift the cake out of the oven to avoid burning. Also, add syrup if requested. As for drinks, they will be brewed automatically. Your task is just to bring drinks to the guests.

Upgrade and unlock materials

You can buy more plates to store cupcakes after baking or upgrade the drinking water tank. From there, you can serve your customers faster. In addition, there will be some new materials unlocked when you pass a certain level.