Papa's Freezeria

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Working in Papa Louie's freezeria

Papa's Freezeria is an addictive cooking game that anyone can play. You will make Freezer Sundaes to serve customers. Don't disappoint your customers.

You can choose the character before starting the game. Your character is registered as an employee in a restaurant. She or he thinks work will be leisurely since this restaurant is on an island. However, a large tour boat has docked and the store's employees are busier than ever. Taking orders from customers and making freezer sundae according to their request is your duty. Cooking games are too peaceful for you and you want to try the thrills. Geometry Dash Meltdown is the best choice for you.

Follow the steps to complete the quest in Papa's Freezeria

There will be 4 stations where you need to complete a number of different steps. Then the customer will taste and rate your dish. The number of tips will depend on the number of points you get.

Order station

You will write the customer's request for a ticket. Then you can follow the ingredients listed on the ticket. Please paste this ticket in a conspicuous place. Each ticket is numbered sequentially. Make your customers order first.

Build station

Click to choose the cup size ordered by the customer. Press the button on the Ice Cream machine when the meter is centered to fill the cup with ice cream. Choose the mixable item ordered by the customer, and press the pour button on the Mixable Machine when the meter is centered. Then, you need to choose the syrup.

Mix station

Drag waiting cups to a free blender to start mixing the syrup and bits into the sundae. Wait until the Blender Meter on the blender looks like what the customer ordered on the ticket. Drag finished sundaes to the topping track to move them to the Topping station.

Topping station

Add toppings and syrups to each sundae in the right order. You should avoid falling down the syrups on the table. Otherwise, you can't get a high score. The order of the toppings is very important, so you need to look at the tickets before adding toppings.