Talking Tom Run

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Control Tom in Talking Tom Run online

You have a chance to meet a familiar character which is Tom cat in Talking Tom Run. Now, he is running and overcoming many obstacles. Let's help him!

In the Talking Tom game, you just see a cute cat who can parody your voice. However, you will see an active cat who will run continuously. Oh, there are too many barriers, and vehicles stand on the road. What should you do? Tom is in the danger. Navigate him through the barriers and jump over the vehicles now!

The gameplay in Talking Tom Run

Stay safe

If you have ever played Moto X3M, you may get used to the rules of this game. Keep the cat safe from any obstacles on the road. Tom only has three lives. Each time you hit one object, he will lose one life. When the lives run out, you must restart the game. You can slide down, jump over or avoid these objects. At all costs, don't create any collision!

Collect items

Besides guaranteeing the safe, grabbing coins and cookies is very important. You can buy many tools such as skateboards, roller stakes, and so on with coins in the shop. When you fill the energy bar with cookies, your character will be unstoppable. He even doesn't need to avoid or jump any obstacles. However, this power only lasts for a short time. Now, have fun!