Moto X3M

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Are you ready to join the thrilling speed in this game?

Moto X3M is a racing game that allows you to race at the fastest speed. You can perform amazing acrobatics with a cool motorbike on the struggling terrain.

Impressive graphics

This game will bring you colorful graphics that you will love at first sight. Cartoon graphics are suitable for all players of all ages. You can enjoy this fun racing game without having to install it. In addition, many interesting character skins will be added to this game. You need to collect enough stars to unlock these skins.

Multiple levels

Many levels in this game will test your driving skills. The backgrounds and terrain will be changed through different levels. The obstacles will also be randomly arranged and make you encounter many difficulties. The higher the level, the better driving skills you need to have. If you like arcade games more, you should try Tiny Fishing.

Drive your motorbike to your destination in Moto X3M

Uneven roads with thousands of obstacles are waiting for you ahead. There is no time limit, but the faster you finish the journey, the better.

Drive as fast as possible

Always move forward to save time. However, sometimes you need to stop when you see a stop sign. Explosive barrels can destroy your motorbike, but they can push you very far. Besides, you may need balance when performing acrobatics.

Be careful with the obstacles

Sharp spikes can cause your motorbike to be destroyed. Naturally, you need to avoid colliding with them if you don't want to finish this game. You can check checkpoints along the way. When you hit the barriers, you can continue the race from the last checkpoint.

Game control: Use the arrow keys to navigate your bike and keep the right and left arrow to balance the bike.