Super Mario Bros

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Encounter Mario again

Super Mario Bros is a classic game all time and it's also a childhood game of many players. Now, you will conquer this game once again. Good luck!

Mario is a familiar character in many adventures like Super Mario Rush. He always has to face dozens of dangers and enemies. Therefore, you need to help him. This game is a classic version that is designed with retro graphics. This will bring you back to the video game in the 90s. For the pro players, they may know what they need to do. Nonetheless, I am still here to say something about this game. Hope this meeting will make you happy.

Reach the Super Mario Bros destination

In this game, you have to go to the endpoint of the road. To complete this mission, solving the problems and fighting the monster can't be avoided. I will show you more detail about your tasks.

Dodge or kill enemies

There are many different monsters and animals on the way. You have two ways to solve them. You can jump over them without touching them or you jump on their head. However, you must be careful with the tortoises. They can be killed with a jump because their tortoiseshell is very solid.

Collect coins and magic mushrooms

I don't mean the mushroom monsters which can attack you. The magic mushrooms are hidden in the blocks. Let's break these blocks to find them. Of course, the rate of finding them is not high. You still destroy the blocks to collect coins. Many worlds are waiting for you in Super Mario Bros.