Super Long Nose Dog

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Accompanying the little dog

Super Long Nose Dog is amazed by the power of the dog's nose. Its nose can destroy the evil stickman in this game. However, you need to pull the long nose out.

You often think cute little dogs are harmless. In fact, the little elbow in this game has a very special power. Its nose is used as a sharp sword. It can pierce anything with its nose. Please help him control this nose. With many levels, you will have the opportunity to test your control ability.

Pass all levels in Super Long Nose Dog

The difficulty of the game will increase gradually as you pass more levels. To be able to level up, you need to defeat the stickman boss. You also need to keep a few things in mind while performing the task.

Avoid injuring the hostages

You will see people arrested and in need of help. The evil boss will stand behind them and use them as its shield. Therefore, you need to be very skillful to avoid injuring these poor people. If these hostages fall, you lose.

Use items to kill the boss

Sometimes, you can use your nose to affect objects around the stickman boss. These items will then directly destroy the boss. For example, you can push a giant rock so that it falls on a stickman. Knowing how to make use of these items will save you a lot of time. Now, come and save the poor people in Super Long Nose Dog. If you want to challenge your aim skills, you can play Archery Master here.