Archery Master

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Test your archery skills with this game

Archery Master is a fantasy archery game where you will become a professional archer. Aim at the target and release your hand to shoot the arrow.

You probably already know the multiplayer game Narrow One where you fight multiple opponents with archery. However, you will be competing alone in the archery game that I would like to introduce here. Your aim is to aim and focus. You must achieve the set number of points to be able to complete a level.

Achieve the required score in Archery Master

I think this game requires you to have a sharp eye and estimation skills to be able to hit the target.

Shoot at the center of the target

If you have ever experienced archery, you will know that the target is round with many circles in it. The smaller the circle, the higher its score. You will gain up to 10 points for a single shot if your arrow hits the blue circle.

Facing many challenges

You don't simply hit the target. You even have to face many difficult problems. Your aim at some levels even moves to make the game difficult. Also, you're arching outdoors, so the winds will also cause your arrows to deflect.

What you can experience in Archery Master

This game gives players an extremely realistic space. The surroundings may surprise you. Character movements are similar to real life. You will have a first person perspective, so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Just click and hold the mouse to aim and release to shoot.