Crowd Run 3D

15 votes 3.2/5

About the game

Crowd Run 3D is an interesting stickman game. You have to move the stickmen to the finish line by overcoming opponents and difficulties on the way.

This is probably a simple and entertaining game suitable for all ages. Stickman characters and fun graphics make you reduce stress. In addition, the game has many levels that will bring you different experiences. The difficulty will gradually increase through levels so you won't get bored. To add more drama to the game, several opponents will be added. Are you ready for a special run? Besides, there is another game which is for busy people. That's Cookie Clicker where you can create millions of cookies.

How to go to the finish line in Crowd Run 3D

Your ultimate goal is to reach the finish line in this exciting game. You have an army of stickman when you first start. Next, this army will move forward automatically. So what do you need to do?

Help stickmen avoid obstacles

Dangerous objects such as sharp spikes, saw blades or giant hammers are things that can destroy your stickmen. Now, you need to steer your army away from them. Otherwise, your army will be destroyed. In addition, gaps along the way are also very dangerous. Your army will be empty if it falls into these gaps.

Beat the opponent

Obstacles are not your only difficulty. On the way, you also have to face red stickmen who block your way. Your army needs to fight these enemies. However, destroying enemies also causes damage to your army. For example, if you destroy 5 enemies, 5 of your warriors will also be defeated. So, collect as many warriors as possible.