Stickman Boost 2

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Accompany with stickman

Stickman continues his adventure in Stickman Boost 2. He has to face many obstacles and deadly traps on the way. Let's help him overcome them!

Each stage of this game is designed with different terrains and traps. You must unlock the stages one by one. Don't collide with any obstacles such as saws, spikes, and so on. You also take care of many special blocks in the action game. After mastering these adventures, let's access Romance Academy to see how many boys can you attract.

Walkthrough Stickman Boost 2

Overcome all danger at all costs

The diversity of traps is the problem you have to face in this game. You don't only jump to overcome all dangers but also slide, swim, or even fly over them. Be careful of some movable obstacles! You need to know their principles of movement and find a space to pass over.

Use some objects on the road

You may see a motorbike, plane, rocket, etc. Just move through them to use them. They will help you cross the hard paths, Of course, you need to drive them carefully.

Some other information about Stickman Boost 2

  • The game has 10 main stages and 2 bonus stages. You will get one of three medals after finishing one level. The faster you reach the finish line, the worthier medals you will receive.
  • You can follow your statistics, achievements, and a leaderboard on the main menu.
  • There are two save selections which are online and local. You need login to your account to save online while you can save your data on the computer cache by pressing local save.