Romance Academy

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Make the boys fall in love at Romance Academy

Romance Academy is set up at a high school and you will turn your character to become the most attractive girl in the school. Come and enjoy this fun game!

This game is for alone people where you can attack many handsome boys. Be careful of many other girls who are your rivals in this love battle. Besides, you also enjoy many prehistoric wars in Age Of War: Prehistoric.

Tutorial of Romance Academy

How to get the boys' love

This game offers simple control, so you will understand them easily. You move your girl in the direction of the cursor. When the cursor is further away you will run. When your cursor is on the head of a boy, you will get a "lock on". If you have a "lock on" you must click the left mouse button to fire a loveteam. By keeping the button pressed you can fill the boy's heart. Be careful of other girls who will appear when firing the beam. Then, a showdown will happen. Keep clicking your mouse button to defeat your rival.

Some notes when playing Romance Academy

The firing beam will drain the meter and you have to restore the meter by obtaining hearts. If the meter gets to 0, it is game over. Don't forget to look at the clock. When the clock has done 1 round, it is game over. Moreover, when hitting a teacher you will fall to the ground.