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Put your thinking to the test

Stacktris is a very attractive game recently. Classic gameplay with completely new graphics has attracted many players. Solve puzzles to complete your mission.

The Classic puzzle games are never out of date. Moreover, these classic games are even redesigned with different versions. Surely you already know the game of stacking wooden blocks. Stacktris is inspired by these famous puzzle games. You will have to arrange blocks of different shapes on a platform. You can stack a high wall but must avoid dropping any blocks below the platform. I think this new version is even harder than the original one.

Arrange blocks into a tall wall in Stacktris

This is an endless game. You will continue to play if no blocks are dropped. A new block will appear after you finish placing a block on the ground. These wooden blocks will rotate in the air. You just need to click the mouse to keep them where you want them. Then move the block to the platform position you want to place. Naturally, you won't be able to match the block directly to an empty slot. You will have to drop it from above.

Note when dropping blocks

Due to the graphic design and some innovative features, the wooden blocks may bounce and move when hitting the platform. This makes it easy to fall off the platform. In particular, the higher the height of the block wall, the faster the difficulty of the game will increase.

The right positions are always the priority in this game. Let's stack blocks of color into a wall with no holes. You need geometric thinking and ingenuity to be able to complete your task.

How to control

You will click to fix the rotating object. You can then move the mouse to find the appropriate drop location. With this simple control, children can also understand how to play.

The new features of Stacktris

Graphics are designed in 3D style with a realistic feel. Each drop of the block is similar to the drop of real objects. Alternatively, you can set a record for the highest score and then break that record yourself. When you finish a game, your level will be photographed again. Interestingly, right? Besides this game, you can also try other fun games like Mr Speedy the Cat.