Mr Speedy the Cat

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Play an online running game with a black cat

Run and run in Mr Speedy the Cat! You will transform into a running black cat in this exciting game. Obstacles and gaps will test your skills.

Cats have always had a supple body and amazing endurance. This game will prove the above. You will meet a beautiful black cat. He was running among the rooftops by night. The plumage's black color and the sky's dark color can confuse you. Don't worry because you will be trained right from the start. Children can also understand the game's rules and enjoy it at school.

Control the cat to run in Mr Speedy the Cat

Cats have always had the ability to jump amazingly high. You will take advantage of this to be able to overcome the dangers. With just one jump, your cat can overcome any danger.

Notes when jumping

The height of each jump will not be too high, so you need to time it correctly to jump. You may fall off the roof if you jump while standing too far from the gap. Your cat can bounce in the air to jump further. For long distances do this bounce in the air. Speedcopters can carry your cat in the air for a moment.

Use the mouse to play

You just need to click the left mouse button to jump up and double-click to make the jump further. Swipe to jump on the speedy copter. You can collect a lot of stars to be able to buy many products

Experience Mr Speedy the Cat stages

This game has 3 stages: on the roof, Antartica and Little Canyon. Each stage is designed with a different background. In addition, you can go to the shop to buy more items such as one life, first aid kit, medecine cabinet, survival bags and so on. They will help you a lot in this running game.