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Play a Stack online

Stack is a simple game where you just stack platforms on the foundation. However, it's very hard to master this fun game. How many stacks can you get?

This game can be accessed by PCs or mobile devices thanks to its HTML5 technology. Moreover, you can enjoy this game directly on our website. Therefore, you don't need to spend time installing this game. This is an endless game. You will continue to put the platforms together until you drop one platform into the space. With easy gameplay, children also can play this game.

The rules in the Stack game

To conquer this game, you must understand the principles of this game first.

Stack the platforms together

You can see many platforms which are moved across the basic foundation. You will click the left mouse button to stop the moving platforms. However, you have to make sure that the platforms must match together. The parts of platforms which are out of the basic foundation will be cut off. From that, the surface area will decrease. Then, the next platforms are very hard to stack together. The game will end when you miss a platform.

Estimate to stack on time

You need to click the left mouse button on time. As soon as the platforms match the basic column, let's stack it. Try your best to make the surface area as large as possible.

Some features of the Stack game

  • This game has easy gameplay and simple controls where you will have much fun. I also want to introduce you to another game with the same controls, which is Blob Opera.
  • With one platform you stack successfully, you will get one point. How many points can you get in this game? You can make a record and beat it by yourself.