Blob Opera

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Create the best opera songs

Blob Opera allows you to become a conductor in an interesting choir. Your singers look like slime with the body which can be stretched. Have fun!

Drag the blobs

There are four blobs with different voices. The purple blob can sing bass. Don't forget to drag up and down to adjust the pitches. The green blob sings tenor. Drag the backward and forward to make the different vowels. The blue blob sings mezzo-soprano. The highest voice leads the harmony. Drag the orange blob to sing soprano. When all four blobs appear, you can drag one of them to sing all together. You can mute the blobs by clicking the speaker button. You can hit record and share what you make. Can you make a complete song?

How to control

You just need to drag the mouse to play this game. Drag the blob that you want to use as the main voice. This game doesn't have any challenges, just to relax. Do you want to join a multiplayer game? You should try Mope.io where you will evolve your animal.

Relax with Blob Opera

This game has no hard challenge, so kids also can play this game. Look at four fun blobs that also can make you laugh. They can stretch very long and turn back the original as soon as you release the mouse. You may feel this game has the same gameplay as Elasticman. However, each drag can make music that makes this game more unique. Don't wait anymore! Let's enjoy it!