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Immerse yourself in the fierce battle in Stabfish.io

Combats under the sea never stop in Stabfish.io. You will turn into a fish with a long sharp sword that is your weapon in a dangerous environment.

The deep sea always contains many dangers. It is the main background of the multiplayer game - Stabfish.io. Many players worldwide will control the fish and find food. You can see many energy balls under the water. Let's collect them to increase your score. The scarce food and deadly enemies require you to be stronger. How long can you survive in this hazardous environment?

How to be stronger in Stabfish.io

You need to collect the energy balls and meats. Then, your sword can be more powerful and lengthen. From that, you can easily kill other fish. When you kill other fish, many loots will drop from them. Let's collect them to be bigger. When your sword is long, you can defeat more worthy opponents.

Ways to kill the enemies

You will use your sword to hit the side or behind the others. The beaten fish will be added to your sword after that. Of course, others can use these ways to attack you back, so you need to keep yourself safe first.

Game control

You just need to swipe the mouse to change the fish's direction. Besides, you can boost the speed by clicking the left mouse button.

Some features in Stabfish.io

  • You can unlock many new skins for your fish when you reach certain points.
  • You can look at your rank in the match by following a leaderboard on the right top of the screen.
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