Paper.io 2

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Participate in the war for territory in this game

Paper.io 2 is a multiplayer game with highly competitive gameplay. Players will compete together to occupy the most area on the map and become king.

Choose unique skins

You will control a small icon to move around the map. This icon can be changed into skins in the store but you need to complete some tasks to unlock them. However, some of them are available for you to experience. Now, let's come to the skin store and choose your favorite skins in this game. Besides, Tiny Fishing also offers a diversity of fishing rods to players. You can choose your favorite rod and start fishing.

Top players on a leaderboard

On the left corner of the main menu, you can see a leaderboard that shows top 10 killers. These killers are pro players who defeat many other players in this game. If you also want to see your name on this leaderboard, you need to beat as many opponents as possible. Don't forget to type your username before joining the battles.

Interesting game rules in Paper.io 2

This game will have no ending or levels as the player will continue the mission until defeated. As soon as some players are defeated, new players will be brought to the map. From then on, battles for the region will take place continuously.

Draw to gain territory

When you move your icon, it will automatically draw colored lines where it passes. If you connect the start and end points of this line, you will create a colored area. This colored area is your territory that other players can invade. So, try to capture as much territory as possible. The King will be the player who captures the highest percentage of territory on the map.

How to defeat your opponent

To destroy an opponent is not difficult because you just need to stab into the opponent's unfinished lines. Of course, opponents will also take advantage of this point to defeat you. Therefore, you need to always be careful with all the opponents around you. This game offers many game modes with different rules. For example, you will claim territory alone in classic mode but you will have more teammates in team mode.

In conclusion, this game with many skins and modes can meet any players' demand. Are you ready for this territory battle?