Parkour Race

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Perform dangerous parkour stunts

Parkour Race turns you into a pro parkour jumper who has to compete with many opponents. You must be the first person to touch the finish line.

Jumping from one place to another place is a famous feature of parkour. Many people love this sport but it's too dangerous. Therefore, many online parkour games were released. In which, you must try Parkour Race. In this game, you have a chance to make some awesome jumps and somersaults. Your mission is to move from a roof to another roof.

Be the winner in Parkour Race

How is a winner? You must be the first lead in the race. Even if you are the second person, the game doesn't accept your victory. How to be the first one?

Don't be fallen

The buildings are far from each other, so there are many gaps. If you fall into the gaps, you have to go back to the last checkpoint. This will waste your time and give a victory chance to your opponents. Therefore, it's better to keep your character always in the race.

Use the boost

You can see some yellow platforms on the roofs. They are the boost platforms that can help your character move faster and jump higher. Thus, you can take advantage of them to overcome many foes on the way. If your stickman wears a crown, you are the first person in the Parkour Race. You also encounter familiar stickmen in Battle Chess.