Square Bird

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About Square Bird

Square Bird is a game of continuously running to the finish line. The main character is a square bird that can continuously lay square eggs.

This is probably a quite unique game inspired by Flappy Bird. However, the gameplay and characters will be a little different from this classic game. You may need nimble fingers to overcome many difficulties. With cartoon graphics, this game is suitable for both children and adults. The game has many levels and can you pass them all? Your task is to make sure the white bird can move to the destination. The special thing is that this bird cannot fly so it can only move on the ground.

Square Bird gameplay

The bird will automatically slide forward and you can just click to create square eggs. These eggs are the main tools to help the bird reach its destination safely.

Reach the destination

To pass a level, you need to reach the finish line at the end of the road. On the way, there will be steps that will hinder you from completing the mission. While the bird cannot fly or jump, taking advantage of the square eggs is the best way to avoid obstacles. These eggs will help the bird avoid colliding with the stairs on the way. However, always creating a lot of eggs is not good because stairs can appear in the air.

Shoot obstacles

Sometimes, the bird can shoot white bullets to destroy obstacles ahead. However, the bird's fighting state will only last for a short period of time. At this point, you don't need to click the mouse, you just need to observe the bird. Are you ready for an adventure with the little bird?