Helix Jump

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You will use a ball to break many platforms in Helix Jump. However, you need to avoid the outstanding color platforms. This game requires your cleverness!

You will see a ball bouncing in a helix which is created from various platforms. You will rotate the helix so the ball can fall to the bottom of the helix. Of course, you have to face many challenges along the way. Your ball can be broken any time as soon as it touches the bright-color platforms. Falling into the dark-color platforms is possible.

Reach the end of the helix

In this game, the ball must fall into the end of the helix to advance the level. You can utilize the gap of the platform to fall down. Moreover, when the fall gets power, it can even destroy any platform. The ball can be strong when it falls continuously for a long time or control. You can see the arrows which can help your ball be unstoppable. After conquering this game, you can become a manager of different restaurants in Idle Restaurant.

Customize in Helix Jump

Buy new balls and splashes

You can use the coins that you get after each level to purchase various balls and splashes. There are 12 balls and 9 splashes in this game. Can you unlock all of them?

Change the helix

Before starting the game, you can look at the helix's platforms first. If you think it is too difficult for you. You can transform into the new helix by clicking on the map button.