Spacebar Clicker

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Press the spacebar

Spacebar Clicker is an idle game in which you just need to click the spacebar or the left mouse button to produce more space bar clickers. Are you ready?

You will probably be surprised because this game is not as difficult as games like Space Battleship Orion. You don't have to think too much or fight any enemies. The important thing in this game is agile fingers. Try to create as many spacebar clickers as possible. The faster your hand, the more spacebar clickers are created. What's more, you can even play this game while you're doing something else.

Guide to getting many spacebar clickers in this game

You will have two ways to create the spacebar clickers. You can do it by yourself or use the automatic tools.

Click manually

Spacebar Clicker requires players to click or press the spacebar on the keyboard. You also can use the mouse. However, I think that pressing the spacebar is faster. Of course, this way is only used for idle players. If you are too busy, you can try the second way.

Use the auto tools

Although using the spacebar is quick, the auto tools even work more efficiently. You can buy these tools with the spacebar clickers you have. Each tool has a different cost but their price will increase gradually. Of course, you also can earn more space bar clickers at that time. Some tools are designed such as Monkey, Bomber Mom, Gen Z Kid, etc.