Space Battleship Orion

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Space war

Space Battleship Orion is about a space battle of the spaceships. You must drive your spaceship to destroy the coming enemies. It's time to fight!

Wars are always a hot topic for online games. In it, you must mention this game. Here, space wars break out and you will fight alone with an army of warships. It sounds ridiculous but this is the truth. Your warship will accompany you. Let's blast all the enemies!

How to play Space Battleship Orion

This game is not difficult to play. I will give instructions shortly. Also, I would also like to introduce everyone to a game called Red Bounce Ball. It tells the journey of a red ball.

Moving the warship

In this game, you will use your mouse to drag and move your spaceship. If you have participated in air battles, then you will know how to control your spaceship. Move the ship skillfully to aim at the enemy. Your spaceship will shoot bullets on its own so you just need to move it.

Collect items and shoot other spaceships

You can see many other warships in space. They are all your enemies. Let's aim the gun directly at them. Also, don't forget to collect items that appear in the universe to get points and help. For example, you catch a shield that protects you from accidents and enemy bullets.

A few notes when playing Space Battleship Orion

  • The spaceship's HP point is limited while the enemies are too many. You need to limit the collisions with the enemy.
  • Do not forget to collect ammo items to be able to strengthen the battle power of the spaceship.
  • You can enable or disable the sound of this game.