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The game rules in Snake.io

Snake.io is a multiplayer fun game and your mission is to control a snake. Many other snakes also appear on the platform where your snake is finding food.

Consume as much food as possible

In this game, the food of snakes isn't insects or plants. Their food is the colorful balls on the ground. These balls can provide energy and help any snake lengthen. The snakes' size also increases after absorbing a lot of colorful energy balls. The balls are everywhere, so you just control the snake and move around the map to collect them.

Don't bump into other snakes

If you have ever played some snake games such as Little Big Snake, you may know the snake's head is their weakness. If one snake bumps into the other snake with its head, it will be defeated. You also can take advantage of this weakness to kill the other snakes on the platform. With a long body, the big snake can surround another small snake easily. Therefore, you should avoid battles if your snake's size is too small.

Diverse skins in Snake.io

This game offers many skins with unique names to players. There are 30 skins for the snake. The basic skins are the snakes that are made from some balls. Besides basic skins, you can see many unique skins such as Feeding Frenzy, Snakosaur, Cowbra, etc. You need to complete certain missions to unlock the beautiful skins. The more outstanding skins are, the more difficult missions there are.