Little Big Snake

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Join in a multiplayer game in Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake is a popular game worldwide, and you will participate in a snake battle. You must steer to your snake and grow it. Defeat any enemies now!

Many players will be sent to a playground that contains many energy balls. You have to collect them to strengthen your snake. The strong snake always wants to clear the other snakes in this game. Only becoming more powerful is the only way to survive and be a king. That isn't an easy target because you have to face many skillful gamers in the world. I also want to recommend Aquar.io which is another multiplayer game. However, you will fight under the water in this game.

Little Big Snake gameplay

To change the snake's direction, let's swipe the mouse! You just move through the energy ball to collect them. From that, you can lengthen your snake gradually. You also need to pay attention to the following things:

Don't hit on the other's body

The snake's heads are very vulnerable. Every snake can be destroyed if it collides its head with another's body. This is also a way to attack and kill others.

Defeat enemies to get more energy

If you can beat a huge snake, a lot of energy balls will drop. You can innovate quickly with a huge amount of balls. Of course, the other snake also will consume these balls with you.

Some interesting information about Little Big Snake

This game has many exciting features, but I only introduce some highlights of it.

Invite your friend

You can set up a team with your friends and enjoy the battle. Let's cooperate to defeat other snakes, even the king of a map.

A leaderboard

You can see the Little Big Snake world record through the rating section. You can see the top players of the world on this board.

Simple control

Just swipe the mouse to steer the snake.