Slope Ball

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Roll the ball in Slope Ball

You will control a ball on many dangerous roads in the Slope Ball game. Keep the ball safe until you reach the destination! Many interesting stages are ahead.

The main character in this game is an adorable ball that has a hazardous adventure. To face the spikes, click the left mouse button or press the spacebar to jump over them. At some level, you can use the spring pads to jump higher and further. However, sometimes, using these pads can put your ball in danger. There are three stages which are Xpart, Truth, and Dark Trip. When you complete all levels in the Xpart stage, you can move to the Dark Trip stage. Have fun!

More information about Slope Ball

This game has many useful features for players. Now, let's explore what they are.

Change the character

You do not only control a ball but also navigate a system of other characters such as cube, ship, UFO, robot and so on. Each character will have many skins for you to select. The good thing is all of them are available. You don't need cash or coins to unlock them.

Learn the objects on the way

Slope Ball was created with many items along the road. Jumping pads and jumping rings can help your ball jump higher. Pointers will help your character pause movement in a straight direction. You can't encounter these items in the endless run of the Runner game.