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Run in the universe

Runner turns you into an alien who is moving a strange tube. You have to control the character to jump over many gaps and platforms in this game. Good luck!

You can see thousands of sparkling stars in this game. Don't pay attention to viewing the scenery! Your character is running. Many gaps and traps are ahead. Can you help the character overcome them?

Change the skins and learn about a leaderboard

You can unlock many cool skins if you reach certain levels. You can get your name on the top of a leaderboard if you get a high score. It means that you have to compete with many players in the world.

Game control

Use the left and right arrow keys to move left and right and press the up arrow to jump over.

Jump and avoid obstacles and gaps in the Runner game

The tube is created by many platforms. There are some weak platforms that can fall down with one touch. You should move quickly over them or avoid them at first. Moreover, there are many slopes and barriers on the way. You can jump over them or rotate the tube to dodge them. Many other journeys are waiting for you in Dou Survival.

Enjoy two modes in Runner

You can select adventure or infinite mode in this game. In adventure, you will reach the end of the road to level up. There are many different levels with various backgrounds for you to challenge. Besides, you will control the character in an endless road of infinite mode. It's up to your hobby!