Slither Dragon.io

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Control a dragon in Slither Dragon.io! Many players around the world will be your opponent in this multiplayer game. Consume the egg and beat any foe!

Guide to play Slither Dragon.io

This game will remind you of Little Big Snake. With the familiar gameplay, this game still brings you some new things. Instead of sliding a snake, your pet here is a dragon.

Consume the eggs

The food of dragons is eggs which are scattered on the playfield. When your dragon eats more eggs, its length will increase. When you become the longest dragon, you can attack other dragons. If one dragon is beaten, there are eggs that will drop. The number of eggs will be based on the dragon's size. The bigger the dragon is, the more eggs appear.

Attack other dragons

You aren't the only dragon here because Slither Dragon.io sends many other players with you. The dragon battles aren't avoided, so you should attack actively. Surround the other dragon and hit them with your long body. Be careful with foes' attacks.

Control the dragon in Slither Dragon.io

You may only hear about dragons in the legendary stories. However, you even navigate a dragon in this game. Are you the best dragon trainers in this virtual game? I'm looking forward to your achievement. Let's put your name on a leaderboard on the screen!