Slap and Run

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Tease others in Slap and Run

Slap and Run allows you to slap everyone you see and then run as fast as possible. Of course, many angry people are chasing behind you! Have fun!

You play the role of a meaningful person who always hits others. Now, this theme is coming to this fun game. Control your stickman and slap many people on the road. Don't be caught! It sounds interesting, isn't it? Come and enjoy the game now! You must run continuously. If you stand still, the other will capture you.

The mechanics of Slap and Run

Your character stands in front of the road with many people at the beginning. When the game starts, he will run automatically through the road. While running on the road, you will control him to come close to the others. He also hits them automatically if he moves through them. Then, all stickmen will chase your character.

Be aware of obstacles

On the road, there are many obstacles that can stop your character. The red saws always move on the road which you can collide with anytime. Let's dodge them. Otherwise, the game will end. At the end, you will push one stick man as far as possible.

Use coins to power up

After completing a level, you will get some coins. Then, let's use them to upgrade your character's features such as earning, kick, and acceleration. Besides this game, you may encounter stickmen in Money Land.