Money Land

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Welcome to Money Land

Money Land is set up in a land where you can easily earn money. You just need to collect the cash on the ground to build and develop this land.

Everyone knows, making money is never easy. For example, in the game Papa's Sushiria, you have to make delicious sushi according to the customer's request. Then they will give you a tip. However, everything will change in this game. Making money is easier than ever. Cash will automatically appear on the ground. They are endless and you will become a rich person.

What you need to do in Money Land

This is probably the simplest game I've ever played. I'm sure this game will keep you hooked for hours. With addictive gameplay, this game will bring you moments of relaxation. So what do you need to do here?

Grab cash on the ground

You will see money will appear continuously in a few locations. You just need to come close and pick up these coins. Each time, the amount of coins you pick up will be the limit. However, you can upgrade your character's capacity. Then you can pick up as many coins at once. Don't forget to buy more vehicles that will help your character move more easily.

Construction of architectural works

In the beginning, the island will not have any objects. You will be the one to develop this island by building buildings and buying other items. You will bring the money to the place where you want to build the building. Then, stand in that position to use the money to build them. The bigger the project, the more money it takes. So you have to work hard to get the money there. In addition, you can also expand your area with the money you have.