Sniper Attack

13 votes 3.5/5

Gunfight with enemies in this game

Sniper Attack is an action game with fierce shooting scenes. You are one of the best snipers and your mission is to break into and destroy the enemy base.

There are many shooting games with different modes and rules. However, first person shooters always make people excited. You will have the best experience with smooth moves in this game. Do you have a respectable shooting ability? Let's find out about this too!

How to destroy the enemies base in Sniper Attack

The scene in this game is set in a large desert. Huge citadel juxtaposed. That is the base of the bad guys and you need to shoot them down.

Defeat enemies with one shot

You are a sniper so you should attack the enemy from a distance. Your gun can shoot very far. Therefore, you need to find yourself a safe place and aim at the enemy silently. Unlike head-to-head battles, you need to ensure one shot and one kill. When you are far away, your enemies can hardly detect you. At this point, you must be very calm to be able to destroy the target.

Beware of those who are approaching you

Sometimes, the enemy also discovers your existence. They will directly approach and want to destroy you. You are alone, so quickly find a place to hide if the number of soldiers wants to approach you too much. Although your gun can fire at long range, it will take some time to reload. You can hardly fire bullets continuously. So, pay attention to every movement around you.

Score lots of points in Sniper Attack

This game has no levels so you can only kill enemies until your HP points are exhausted. Each time you are hit, you will lose one HP. So try to avoid being attacked!

Beat as many enemies as possible

The more enemies fall, the more points you get. What's more, when you hit a distant target, you score even more points. This game will give you a thrill. However, if you prefer a more relaxed feeling, go fishing in Tiny Fishing. I am sure that these two games will bring you opposite experiences. If you don't believe it, you can check it out for yourself.

Game control

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Click the left mouse button to control. Use the white dot to aim the target.
  • Swipe the mouse to look around.