Reel Good Time

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Get the stuff to get a reward in Reel Good Time

You need to find out some items Helen lost in the game Reel Good Time. Many obstacles will across and you need to avoid them. Collect enough quest items!

In this game, a witch loses some stuff. She wants to find someone who can help her take them up. Two main characters will complete this mission. The witch promise to give them some rewards if they can find out all objects. One character will hold the end of a rope to keep a person from falling down the floors. The falling character will collect the stuff including quest stuff and others.

Reel the quest items in Reel Good Time

Before beginning the adventure, the witch will give the quest items. You will help the falling character move left or right to collect objects. Be careful with many movable obstacles such as bikes, balloons, and so on. If you touch these obstacles, you will lose one heart. Remember you only have three hearts. Don't worry when you can collect more hearts on your way. When the number of hearts runs out, you will fail. Many levels are waiting for you.

How to control

Press the left or right arrow keys to move the character left or right. You should know the movement of the obstacles to dodge them properly. Collecting the other stuff can help you get more points. Don't forget to collect the letters when your character is pulled up.