Siege Battleplan

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Welcome to Siege Battleplan

Let's attack and dominate the sieges in the Siege Battleplan game. You must build your powerful castle with crowed troops first. Hope you like this game!

You will own a kingdom and you need to expand and protect it. Your towers can be upgraded. Each upgrade shows how many units it costs below it. Let's build as many towers as possible to provide many warriors in the battles. If you have more warriors, you can easily get victory. In addition to this game, you can solve puzzles in Tap My Water. You will lead the water to the tank instead of the army in that game.

Steps to conquer the Siege Battleplan game

You need to complete two basic steps to get victory in this game.

Lead the troops

In the battles, you can see many other towers. You must attack them by dragging the mouse to the tower to dominate it. You warriors will automatically fight with the enemies in the towers. Be careful with the red kingdom because they have the same purpose as you. You only can lead the fighters on the available road. Therefore, you need to capture the tower next to you first. Besides quick reflexes, you also need a perfect strategy.

Upgrades the tower

You can buy tower upgrades in the capital. You will use the coins you get after the victory to purchase them. The more coins you get, the more powerful upgrade you gain. From that, you can knock out any kingdom in this game.