Tap My Water

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Description of Tap My Water

You need to move the parts of the pipe to lead water in the Tap My Water game. This puzzle game offers limited time, so you need to be as quick as possible.

You will become a cute plumber in this fun game. The pipes of the city are broken because the parts of the pipe are disturbed. Therefore, water cannot flow into the tank. Now, your mission is to rearrange the parts of the pipe to pass a level. Look at the time! How many levels can you pass for a certain time? Good luck to you!

Guide to play Tap My Water

You can see many different pieces of pipes that are put in different positions. Don't try to connect all of them together. You just need to connect the pieces of pipes from the water source to the tank. You can consider the water source as a starting point and the tank as the endpoint. Therefore, let's observe the parts of the pipe next to them. Let's make a complete pipe from the start point to the endpoint.

Learn about various pieces of pipe

You can rotate the parts with green coupling while the red parts of the pipe are permanent. Moreover, the orange pipes can be changed the position with the orange ones next to them.

How to control

You just need to click the mouse to play this game. Don't forget to look at the time bar on the right of the screen. If it's full, the game will end. However, you can collect more time by leading water through the pipes which contain clocks.