Shopping Mall Tycoon

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Become the boss of a chain store in this game

Shopping Mall Tycoon is a business-themed game. You need to open many stores to make a lot of profit and attract customers. Buy the land first!

Business is always a favorite topic of many game makers. This game receives a lot of plays across platforms. You will open large stores next to roads to attract customers. These customers will chair your store. Your source of revenue is from these customers. After you have earned a lot of money, you need to upgrade and expand your restaurant chain. Of course, profits will also increase a lot.

Things to do to expand the store chain in Shopping Mall Tycoon

Next, I will show you how to open a lot of stores and earn a lot of coins. This idle game takes time to master it. You also can experience more fun games like Shell Shockers Bad Egg in our site.

Building a store

To be able to build a store, you need land. You can buy back plots of land for sale. They can only be purchased with gems. So, as soon as you earn enough gems, buy as much land as possible. After that, you can start building a store from level 1. Always remember, you need coins to be able to build buildings on the land.

Buy upgrades

You can upgrade your stores to satisfy customers. Each customer has its own standards. If they are satisfied, you can get smiley faces from them. Additionally, you can also upgrade your customers.