Shell Shockers Bad Egg

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Shell Shockers Bad Egg is a new mode that brings different experiences to players. You will control the egg to move around to destroy enemies.

Survival within the given time

You probably know Shell Shockers as a first-person shooting game. Bad Egg is a new version of this famous game. You will transform into an evil egg. You will be the only attacked object in this game. Green chickens will continuously come and attack you. You need to survive for 10 minutes against the attacks of these chickens.

How to play Shell Shockers Bad Egg

This game can be very addictive because of its survival gameplay. You need to move continuously to survive in this shooting game.

Survive and Eliminate Other Eggs

Remember, as the Bad Egg, you become the primary target for the chickens in the game. Fend off multiple opponents, employ strategic tactics, and utilize your enhanced abilities to survive and eliminate as many regular chickens as possible. It's better to avoid attacking. The chickens try to access you and kill you. Therefore, move continuously to stay away from the chickens.

Level up the character

The enemies are more powerful, so your character also needs to be improved. These may include increased health, faster movement speed, or more powerful weapons. Use these advantages to your advantage and stay one step ahead of your opponents. You need to collect the golden eggs to increase your experience. When the experience reaches a certain point, you can choose one of three given upgrades for your character.