Funny Shooter

11 votes 4.6/5

Funny Shooter is an intense shooting game where you have to fight alone with other enemies. Grab the gun and fire continuously at the enemies.

Have fun with this fun shooting game

This shooting game brings you the most unique experiences. The game still retains the thrill of a shooting game but it adds a few fun features and characters. The atmosphere will not be too tense when you see your enemies. They are designed to be lively with funny dances. Don't look at their cheerful appearance and think they are friendly. They can attack you in any form.

How to beat enemies in Funny Shooter

In this game, you must destroy enough enemies to complete a level. Some enemies try to approach you while others try to attack you from afar. Destroy them all now. If you like games with peaceful gameplay, Mahjong Classic is for you.

Aim for weak spot

You need to observe your enemies to find their weak points. When you shoot at weak points, you will deal a lot of damage to them. From there, you can kill them more quickly and effectively. Don't just try to hit the enemy. It will only take you a long time to destroy an opponent.

Dodge and hide

In the midst of battle, it's important to avoid enemy attacks. Learn the movement patterns and attack animations of your enemies to anticipate their moves. Use dodging techniques or take cover behind objects in the environment to protect yourself from incoming attacks.

Tips to conquer Funny Shooter

  • In the midst of chaotic encounters, it's important to prioritize your targets. Focus on eliminating enemies that pose the greatest threat or have the potential to deal significant damage. Taking out key enemies first can help reduce the overall difficulty of the situation.
  • Continuous movement is a good way to avoid enemy attacks. You will make it harder for them to reach you. Practice your running and shooting skills to pass the levels in this game.

Game control:

  • Click the left mouse button to fire
  • Use the mouse wheel to change weapons
  • Use ASD key to move
  • Press the spacebar to jump.