Dou Survival

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Enjoy Dou Survival online

Dou Survival is an action game that is suitable for two players. You and your friend can have fun together in this game. Help together to open the exit door!

Two main characters have to find a way to survive in a dangerous world. You need to look at the terrains and barriers to make a perfect strategy. Each character will own a different ability. The girl can throw glass correctly while the man is very strong. You can invite your friends to accompany you in this adventure game.

Guide to play Dou Survival

This game is a great game for teamwork. The two characters need support together to overcome the barrier. There are many levers and pushers which can be used to open the gate or operate the lift. Sometimes, one character has to hold the pusher for another character to go through the gate. Characters can carry each other to jump to high points.

Characteristics in Dou Survival

  • You can open the map to see the levels and the next place your characters will go.
  • This is a great combination of action games and puzzle games because you usually tackle some problems to open the gates.
  • The exit door only opens when two characters come at the same time.
  • This game has the same gameplay as in Fireboy and Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales. If you like absolute action games, you can play Shell Shockers.