Age Of War: Prehistoric

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Welcome to the prehistoric

Age Of War: Prehistoric brings you to the prehistoric where you even fight with dinosaurs. You need to destroy the dinosaurs' eggs to pass a level.

Many dangerous dinosaurs will attack your accommodation in this game. To prevent them from increasing the number of dinosaurs, the warriors need to destroy their eggs and you will lead this troop. This is a strategy game with retro styles. I also want to introduce Battleship Minesweeper which is one of the hard games in the world for you. Ready for the challenging games!

How to destroy the dinosaurs' eggs in Age Of War: Prehistoric

Destroy the dinosaur's defense

To protect the eggs, the dinosaurs will stand in the way and attack your warriors. The war will occur and you need to summon more warriors. You only need enough food to summon various types of warriors. The food storage must be upgraded to get more food. From that, you can summon the more powerful warriors. When new kinds of dino appear, you also maneuver stronger warriors.

Attack the base where place the eggs

After you destroy the defense, your troop will move to the base of dinosaurs. Let's attack directly on this base and the egg is also broken. Now, let's come back to the past!