Endless Siege

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Ready for new battles against orcs

Endless Siege takes players to a magic world where orcs will appear. They want to dominate your base. You have no choice but to lead your army and beat them.

You should calm down because the orcs are very crowded. They will access your base with many waves. You need to arrange your troop properly to destroy as many enemies as possible. The orc's speed also increases through the levels. Therefore, your army also needs to be upgraded. This strategic game will enhance your skills. If you just want to relax, Draw Climber is your best choice.

Steps to beat foes in Endless Siege

Put the turrets properly

There are four kinds of turrets with various prices. The most expensive turrets won't hurt the enemies, but they will make them move slowly. In the important position, you should place the most powerful turrets. Besides the damaged turrets, you also place some support turrets next to them. Think carefully before placing any turrets because they are permanent.

Upgrade the army

The orcs will be increasingly strong and fast. Your weapons don't only at level 1 because the low-level weapon can kill the strongest monsters. Let's use the coins after knocking out the orcs to buy some upgrades for your turrets. If there are too many orcs that can access your base, you will fail. Defeat all invaders and protect your base now!