Relic Runway

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Run for your life in Relic Runway

You are exploring an ancient temple in Relic Runway. However, a rock monster chases right behind you, so you must run as quickly as possible in this game.

You will transform into an explorer who is searching for a treasure in the temple. As soon as you take a ruby from the statue, the protector appears. It's a huge rock monster. Run away! Many deadly traps and obstacles are along the way, and you need to avoid all of them. Otherwise, the monster can catch you.

Keep the characters safe in Relic Runway

Your character will run automatically, so you just need to control him to avoid the obstacles. There are various traps that have different features. Now, let's learn more about them

Jump, slide over obstacles

You can see some high objects standing in your way., At that time, it's better to slide under them or avoid them. Your character can only jump over low obstacles. Moreover, you should be careful with the weak paths. They can break as soon as you come close to them. You can break some boxes to get some rewards.

Take advantage of items

On the way, you can encounter some items such as shields, magnets, gloves, and so on. They are very useful for you. For example, you can collect magnets to get more coins. Of course, the advantage of these items only lasts for a short time.

Some features in Relic Runaway

  • You can unlock many stages such as Inca Ruins, Inca Relics, and Chinese Relics.
  • Changing characters is possible if you collect enough cards on the screen.
  • If you connect with a Facebook account, you can play with friends. Besides, you also can play with many other players in Stabfish.io.