Red Ball I

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Join an adventure in Red Ball I

You will help a ball in Red Ball I. The main character is joining a great journey that can contain too many dangerous traps. Let's overcome them!

Prepare for your trip

Red Ball I allow you to turn the game music or sound on or off. However, I think it's better to play and enjoy the game music at the same time. Moreover, you also can change the player in the option. There are 8 different characters for you, all of which are very adorable. They may be an orange and red potato, a basketball, etc. The glad information is they are available. It means you don't need to unlock or buy them with coins.

Solve the problem in Red Ball I

A beautiful landscape will be in your vision as soon as you press the start button. You see many levels in the first volume and you must unlock them one by one. There are many enemies who stand in your way. You can jump on them to kill them or jump over to dodge them. Sometimes, you have to jump to a high position but the character's jumping power is not strong enough to reach it. You can utilize the boxes or rocks as a foundation to jump. You only have three lives. Therefore, you will lose one life if you fall into a dangerous place.

The missions of players in the Red Ball I game

Collecting stars can help you finish a level with a crown. Moreover, you can check the checkpoints which are red flags. You can replay at the last checkpoints if your character dies. You must reach the end of the way to level up. Of course, you have to tackle the difficulties on the road first. Don't forget to take part in another adventure in Lay Eggs which has a strange mission.