Push Push Cat

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Take the cat out of a maze

Rescue a poor cat in Push Push Cat! You need to move the blocks to take the cat out. Logical thinking is appreciated in this puzzle game. Good luck!

The naughty cats often lock themselves in hard-to-find places. Your cat in this game did the same. Now, you must use your wit to take it out.

Remove the Push Push Cat blocks

The main problems you have to solve are the blocks stand in the cat's way. The box containing the cat can't move horizontally. It only can be pulled forward or backward. Therefore, you must clear all blocks on the road and find the best way to move. The different shapes and lengths of the blocks may cause many difficulties for you.

How to move the blocks and cat

Drag the mouse to pull them out of their original positions. The space of the maze isn't big, so so you can't comfortably move all the blocks at once. Think about it and come up with a suitable plan.

Diversity of stages and cats in Push Push Cat

At the start, you will save the cat in a park. When you complete certain levels, the other stages such as in the street, ruins, cafe and so on will unlock. You can play games in many unique backgrounds through stages. Moreover, if you collect enough cat paw badges, you will unlock some new cats. In addition to this game, our website also has Block Blast as another geometry puzzle game.