Block Blast

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Destroy the blocks

Block Blast applies basic principles of geometry to create gameplay. Clearing all blocks on the playfield to get more points. Now, explore a colorful world!

The puzzle games such as Troll Thief Puzzle are never out of date. There are always many interesting challenges to players. This feature attracts many gamers. Block Blast offers a hard puzzle that is to destroy the blocks.

What you should do with the blocks

A table with many cells will appear on the screen. These cells contain blocks. Many new blocks are put under this table. Now, you will put them on the table. In any way, you must ensure the room for new blocks. Only when the old blocks disappear, can you add new blocks to the table.

The condition to disappear Block Blast blocks

When tiles fill a vertical or horizontal row, they automatically disappear. The blocks will form many different shapes. Therefore, you need to think and observe carefully before placing any blocks on the table.

Game control

The puzzle games always haven't got the complicated control. In this game, you just need to drag the mouse to put blocks into the position. Even the children can also do this work.