Protect My Dog

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Keep the dog safe

Many bees want to attack a little dog in Protect My Dog. You need to draw lines to prevent these aggressive bees from stinging your dog. Have fun!

Draw lines

The lines play a role as a shield for the dog. It will keep the bees out of this dog. However, drawing a perfect shield isn't easy. The bees are very strong and even can push the lines out of the dog. Look at the numbers on the right corner of the screen to know the amount of ink you left. You can't continue drawing if the number reaches the maximum. The tip is to always draw lines to cover the dogs. Be careful of the water and lava which also can hurt the dogs.

Keep safe in 10 seconds

The bees will continuously attack for 10 seconds. After 10s, these bees will automatically disappear if your dog is safe. If your dog is stung in about 10 seconds, you will fail. The higher levels always are more difficult than the first levels.

Some interesting information about Protect My Dog

  • This game has a total of 40 levels for all children and adults.
  • Trendy Games made this fun game that can be played on any platform.
  • To draw lines, you just need to drag the mouse. This simple control may remind you of the Soccer Physics game where you just click one button to control two characters.