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Great expedition by a talented explorer

Poptropica is an exciting exploration game where you will transform into a great explorer. You need to complete quests on your exploration path.

One day, you go to a small town and meet a girl. While talking, a thief stole the town's giant statue. Now, the girl wants to ask you to chase down the person who stole the statue. On the way, you can't keep up with the thief. However, you meet some people who can help you. You also need to complete the tasks they give you to get some necessary clues.

Rich missions and storylines in Poptropica

First, you need to choose your favorite character and start a difficult journey. You will go to a village and meet other characters. You need to help them have a happy ending that was stolen by the thief.

Help Cinderella get to the party

You have been entrusted by the fairy to help Cinderella who is coming to the prince's party. However, the rain and steep slopes prevented Cinderella from continuing her journey. You will carry her and move to the destination. There are many difficulties such as slapping trees and mud that will make you find this game extremely difficult.

Find the true love of Snow White

Snow White fell asleep after being poisoned. Now, you need to find true love to awaken her. I want to reveal that the prince is not Snow White's true love. Many other missions are waiting for you. Besides, Mr Bean Jump is also a must-try game on our website.

Game control: use the mouse to move and communicate and interact.