Mr Bean Jump

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Control familiar characters

Mr Bean Jump is about Mr Bean's aerial journey. He wants to jump high by jumping on wooden boxes. If he doesn't jump on the boxes, he will fall.

Many people know Mr. Bean who is the main character in the comedy series. He has a funny appearance and funny actions. In this game, he wants to conquer the sky with wooden boxes. The boxes are endless and they will appear continuously from both sides. Now, you need to click left mouse button to help Mr. Bean jump up. This is an endless game, so you need to prolong the game as long as possible. You might like brain games like Infinite Craft.

More information about Mr Bean Jump

This is a suitable game for entertainment during short breaks. Try to jump on as many wooden boxes as possible. The amount of gold you earn depends on the number of boxes Mr. Bean jumps on.

Get more coins in this game

Every time Mr. Bean jumps on 1 box, you will receive 1 gold coin. You can even multiply the amount of gold you earn if you post a short ad. Additionally, when the boxes match perfectly, the amount of gold you earn per jump is also higher. When the boxes move closer to the main character, quickly click to jump up.

Customized skins and backgrounds

This game allows you to unlock new skins, hats and backgrounds. Each time you unlock them, you need to spend 500 gold coins. In addition, you cannot choose skin or background because they are randomly generated. Hope you can unlock all the skins and backgrounds in this game.