Polar Fishing

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Play the Polar Fishing game

You will make a tower of fish in the Polar Fishing game. Then, you will demolish them to get fish. Try to collect as many fish as you can in this game.

You won't fish as in Ice Fishing or Tiny Fishing, but you still get a lot of fish. In this game, you need to release the ice to make a tower. Each ice will contain a big fish. You need to meet the game demand and build the highest tower. After that, a bear will destroy this ice tower to get fish. The more fish you get, the more cash you have.

Two missions in Polar Fishing

If you only have to complete one mission in most games, you have to do two different tasks in this fun game. Now, let's learn about your missions.

Build ice tower and problems

As I mentioned, you will make a tower which is built by many frozen fish. You have to drop the pieces of ice on top of each other. If you drop an iceberg from the tower, you will have to end the game. You can easily do the first parts, but the speed will be quicker in the next parts. Moreover, the size of the ice also decreases. All these cause difficulty for players. How tall can you build your tower? One more thing, you need to avoid the dangers which are the birds with bombs. They can destroy your ice.

Destroy the tower

Sounds strange! You must make a tower, then break it. However, that is your next mission. You only can catch the fish by demolishing this tower. Then, each fish will be sold immediately. Your cash can be used to buy some items such as dexter's dexterity, sharp saw, vacuum cleaner, and so on. Remember reaching the high tower can unlock many new types of fish which are more expensive. It's time to have fun now.