Ice Fishing

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Stay calm to fish in Ice Fishing

The Ice Fishing game brings you to a cold place that is covered by white snow. You have to fish in a frozen pond where hundreds of fish are hiding.

Can you catch the most expensive fish in Ice Fishing? In this game, your calm and patience are key to conquering this game. Have you ever fished in real life? You have to wait for hours to catch a fish. This game also applies this feature to the game. You won't catch a lot of fish for some seconds as in Tiny Fishing. This game is also different from Catch The Fish, you also don't need to hook the right fish. You just wait until the fish eat your bait. It doesn't take hours to fish but you still wait for minutes. Sometimes, to get the valuable fish, you have to wait for 30 minutes.

How to play Ice Fishing

The pond is frozen, so you only fish through an opening on the ice. You even can see a lot of fish under the water. However, they won't eat your bait immediately. You must wait for a long time. Great skills aren't too important in this game.

Find a perfect location

In the beginning, you need to control your character and move around the frozen pond to make an opening. You can't discover which area has a lot of fish. That is the reason why you only can choose randomly. However, I think that the middle of the pond is an ideal position to fish in the Ice Fishing game

Be patient when pulling the fish out

You have to spend a lot of time catching one fish. When the fishing line vibrates, a fish catches the hook. Don't be too happy or pull the fish too quickly and strongly! If the fish feels the powerful traction, it will escape immediately. You should look at a warning about the tension of the fishing line. If the warning reaches the maximum, the fish may swim away.

What you can find in Ice Fishing

New lures and fishing rods

After you catch a fish, you will see two statistics which are fish weight and cash. You can use cash to buy some baits and new fishing rods. The new equipment can improve your performance and capture more fish. There are various lures and rods at different prices. However, the most expensive one is always the most effective one.

Impressive graphics of Ice Fishing

This game was designed with realistic 3D graphics, this game can bring you to an actual fishing trip. Each movement of things or fish were also created cleverly and carefully.

Easy control

Click the left mouse button on the "arrow" button to fish. Furthermore, on the left of the screen, you can see the shop with lures and rods. Don't forget to follow your budget on the top screen. With simple control, the game is a great way to improve your patience.