Pokemon Showdown

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Pokemon Showdown realistically depicts the battle of Pokemon. You will choose your own pets and participate in the battle with your opponents in this game.

This game will probably remind you of Dynamons 4. However, this game has quite classic retro graphics. You will probably see Pokemon that appeared in the movie of the same name. These Pokemon will still carry quite different elemental powers. You will use this point to be able to defeat your enemies. This game not only uses strength but it is also a battle of wits.

Defeat your opponent's Pokemon in Pokemon Showdown

In each battle, you need to choose 6 Pokemon to participate in the battle. Of course, the opponent will also have 6 Pokemon. Don't get used to choosing your team first. You can choose the Primordial Past team with the main element of ice or Desolate Future with the main element of fire.

Switch Pokemon in the battle

During the battle, you can retreat your Pokemon at any time. When you see that the Pokemon in battle doesn't deal much damage to the enemy, you can switch to another Pokemon. This will be very beneficial for you when your Pokemon is seriously injured. However, you need to do this sensibly. Avoid having all your Pokemon run out of HP.

Choose any stage

Will compare many stages for you to choose from such as Ubers, Overush, Under Used, Rarely Used and so on. These stages are all increased in difficulty later. So, if you are just starting to play this game, you should choose Ubers stage. Hope you have a good time here. This game will probably be more difficult than Tiny Fishing. So, if you just want to relax, come to online fishing.

Learn about Pokemon in Pokemon Showdown

Each Pokemon has different attacks. You need to choose your attack in battles. Sometimes your Pokemon can miss attacks. In addition, the level of all Pokemon is 50. So, understanding the elemental powers that counter each other is very important in Pokemon Showdown. In fact, you won't know in advance which Pokemon you will face. So, choose for your team Pokemon with different elemental powers.